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Corporate Structure

Corporate Governance Structure and Rules

The Company is listed both on the SSE and the Stock Exchange. In addition to the compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Company is also required to comply with the requirements of the "Code of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies" of the CSRC, the "Corporate Governance Code" set out in Appendix 14 to the Listing Rules of the Stock Exchange and the requirements under the Listing Rules of the SSE and the Stock Exchange in corporate governance practices. Meanwhile, the Company has formulated various governance systems, including "Rules of Procedure for General Meetings", "Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors", "Rules of Procedure for the Supervisory Committee", "Work Rules of Specialized Committees", "Work Rules for Independent Directors", "Work Rules for General Manager",the "Model Code for Securities Transactions by Directors, Supervisors, Senior Management and Relevant Employees", "Administrative Measures for the Disclosure of Information", "Work System on Investor Relations Management", and so forth. Each of the systems was strictly followed in order to enhance the level of the Company’s corporate governance.